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Job Description

We are currently looking for construction workers to fill our ranks at Bentlage Homes.  You will be exposed to a variety tasks and duties that will stimulate learning and test your resolve.  You will work in trades including but not limited to flatwork, framing, and interior and exterior finishing.    You will use many tools you may be unfamiliar with and you may be physically tested at times.  You will get to experience homes being build from the ground up and you will become an instrumental member of team that has been building homes in Jefferson City for three generations.

No experience required. Where some experience would be beneficial, it is not a requirement for application

Experience Required

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  • have a positive attitude

  • enjoy learning, particularly in the art of home building

  • enjoy or at least tolerate physical work

This Job is Perfect for you if you:

  • don’t work well in teams

  • think you are always right or don’t take advice well

  • don’t work well with people

This Job is Wrong for you if you:

tel: 573-680-6781


For more questions call or email us at:

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