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Build a Home

Step 1: Give us a call 

The first thing you will need to do is give us a call and give us a general idea of the type of house you want to build (size, budget, general layout).  From there we can walk you through your home building process.

Step 2: Find a Lot and Design Home

Your home needs to be designed around the lot it sit on, to an extent.  First find the perfect lot that meets the vision of your dream home and then design the home to fit on the lot.  

Step 3: Determine Details of Home 

Next we will need to finalize the details of your home in order to create an accurate picture of the home we will build you. (exterior finishes, driveway size and layout, landscaping, finishing basement or not, type of insulation, shingles or tin roof)

Step 4: Bid and Adjustments

We will submit the cost to you given all the characteristics of the home you have designed thus far.  If the cost to build exceeds your budget we will work with you to make adjustments and make it affordable for you without compromising the love for your soon to be home.

Step 5: Begin Construction

After you finalize the details of your home and agree on the price we begin construction.

Step 6: Live and Love 

It is time for you to relax in your new home and love every detail you help put into it.

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